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The pioneer year for discipleship, transformation and church planting


There are so many places which need life-giving* churches. So we’re here to help individuals who would choose to invest a year in developing themselves in the areas of church planting, evangelism, and discipleship.


We aren’t your typical Bible school. We believe in education and do a lot of learning, but our program emphasizes the great value of practically applying the discipleship lessons we learn to everyday life and relationships.


Understanding our calling and developing our gifts is so important!


Could you imagine setting out with a team of people who have God’s values at heart, and his passion for our country, to go plant a new church, or start a ministry project, or to step into a much needed ministry-roles in an existing work?


Come join us!

First baptism of the new "GO-Church"


*Life-giving churches can be truly creative, dynamic and awe-inspiring -- and still stand on a firm foundation. A life-giving church is a fellowship of Christ-followers (those who have found the answers to life’s greatest questions in the person of Jesus Christ) and those who might just be checking things out. The body of Christ (his church) is a place for life and growth - for relationships with one another, and with the living God.